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Tablet wish list

10 May
tablet reader combo

Not good enough.

As testified by slight variants by many professional reviewers, the first tune to run through someone’s mind when the iPad was introduced was:

iPad—what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again.

Why? Because the iPad is an over-sized cell phone without the features of the cell phone.

Nonetheless, I’ve priced out tablet computers and more recently ebook readers on a regular basis for years. Hopefully the iPad will re-launch the tablet technology and get other brands to creatively re-invent their tablets to be lower cost.

I don’t really want an over-sized iPhone, and I don’t want a limited ebook reader. Here’s my wish list :

  1. Screen: Touch screen that can switch between color (what the iPad has) and eInk (that’s what Barnes & Noble’s Nook has).eInk is easy on the eyes, a typical computer screen isn’t. If I’m going to be reading a book, I don’t want the medium to give me a headache.
  2. eBook Reader functions:
    1. eInk screen technology
    2. Ability to add notes to a specific word, sentence, or paragraph in the book.
    3. Ability to underline or mark a section.
    4. Ability to export my notes and quotes marked.
    5. Ability to share my notes (and quotes) with friends who also have the same book.
    6. Ability to lend out books to others like I would with a real book.
    7. Maybe even be able to buy and sell used books if they could get the file protection good enough.
  3. Front-facing camera, rear-facing camera.
  4. Free Apps – windows would be the best for compatibility, but I’d at least need email, skype, browsers, etc.
  5. Wifi
  6. USB ports for thumb drives, printers, etc.
  7. Expandable memory would be nice.
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