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You’ve bought the political lies.

23 Jul

How much of what you buy politically is totally disconnected from reality?

Today ends a week where the Democrats voted No on the second budget proposal put forth by the Republicans, which the President promised to veto anyway. The Democrats have had zero proposals so far. Today Obama gave a speech saying that the Republican party needs to decide if they can say Yes to anything. His speech is totally disconnected from reality, as he is now part of the Party of No.

Do you buy it?

It’s not just the President.There’s lots of lies we believe about politics:

  • All politicians are the same – corrupt liars
  • I can’t change anything
  • It’s acceptable to be uninformed and uninvolved
  • Republicans have no heart
  • Democrats are the party of equal rights
  • We can trust the Republican Party
  • We can trust the Democrat Party
  • If the media presents someone negatively, they’re unqualified for office.
  • The pursuit of profits is evil
  • Corporate Jets always are a waste of money
  • The New Deal helped the economy and Americans
  • Higher tax rates always means more revenue
  • When the country is in financial trouble the solution is to go further into debt.

Have you bought into any of these? What other lies about politics do we tend to believe?

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