“Do or Do Not” – Dumbledore

18 Aug

I saw this online and wanted to share. Click to view fullsize.

"Do or Do Not, There is No Try" - Dumbledore as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings



  • Laura Loberg

    you do realize that’s not a dumbledore quote right? It’s yoda. 

    • Yes, that’s why there’s a photo of Yoda next to the quote!

  • girliefries


    • While appreciate comments, what are you trying to test?

    • girliefries

       I was testing the account name change on disqus. Feel free to remove all comments. Also, if you’re serious about the old bearded white guy in the photo above being yoda then I think I might be on drugs. 🙂

    • You may or may not be on drugs, but unless you know the source of the photo, quote, and attribution you won’t appreciate the image in this post.

  • burning_fire999hotmailcom

    Who the f*ck thinks that Dumbledore wrote this?! Straight away you can see from the name. Dumb–le-dore. The dumb door. It’s yoda, you Tubby McFat F*ck!

    • Thanks burning fire… For showing you neither understands the joke and get worked up way too easily.

  • Fla c

    looool **** **** yoda said this, and that is gandalf, not dumbledore…..